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As Australia’s first, bespoke student loans provider, we aim to provide students with flexible payment options that offer you a more effective way to pay for your Postgrad course. A Study Loan allows you to drawdown on funds as you need them, and simply pay for what you use. There is no charge on the available funds if they are unused. This means: lower repayments whilst you study that only increase as you drawdown the loan.

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Remember too, that through the FEE-HELP scheme the more you earn, the faster you are required to repay the debt. So, a Study Loan is quite often a more affordable payment option. Of course, we advocate that you seek independent advice as individual circumstances may differ. However, for your job-related training, you can offset the cost of the course, the interest on the course loan and associated expenses, such as related travel, books and home office against your pre-tax income. To find out if you’re eligible for a student loan with Study Loans, call us on 1800 324 909 or send us an email at masters@studyloans.com.au.

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