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The world is a fascinating place; full of intrigue and mystery. The more we study, the more secrets of ourselves and humanity are unlocked. Many of us choose to undertake studies following high school and before entering a career. But for some of us, the learning journey is far from over. Whether you decide to continue your studies and launch straight into a Masters course, or you’re returning as a mature-age student – the Master of Arts is a great choice.

Affording your chosen studies is another question. Thankfully, Study Loans Masters are here to help you with an easy, intuitive Master of Arts loan. Our loans are for anywhere from $2,001 to $50,000. We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly repayments so you can choose the schedule that best suits you. If you need to defer your education, you can also defer your student loan. Currently, you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to receive a loan, however we are hoping to extend this to international students soon.

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Why study the Master of Arts?

Arts and humanities cover many subjects that make the world turn. From culture to music, creative pursuits, philosophy and politics – just to name a few. Undertaking a Master of Arts allows students to go in-depth on their favourite topics. To push the boundaries of what we expect from these subject areas. And, of course, to further their careers and strive for the highest positions in their chosen field.

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Study Loans Masters is Australia’s first private loans provider. We are a fully licensed institution and abide by all the relevant financial regulations and guidelines. We provide student loans for a wide range of Masters courses including; an MBA, Education, Health and Science.

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